Sam & Matt | Indiana University Wedding

5.9.12         Weddings

Matt saw something special in Sam early into their days at Indiana University, both working with Young Life.  Perhaps her incredible smile, fun personality or devotion to the Lord.  His persistance in pursuit of Sam paid off, she eventually came around to saying yes to a date, yes to a relationship and yes to the perfect proposal. (he literally brought in friends from all over the country to be there as part of the surprise)

It was fitting for them to share their vows where they already had so many special memories, on the campus of IU.  After a sweet ceremony, the rain that had lasted for hours let up and sun broke through as they went outside to steal their first few moments as man and wife.  We got a chance to visit a few of their favorite spots on campus during cocktail hour.  The reception was full of many dear friends and family that were filled with joy for Matt and Sam.  The dance floor was full of action and they enjoyed celebrated with all their favorite people.

Matt & Sam-It was an honor to witness your love and devotion to each other and see the love that your families have for you both.





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