Bailey & Brandt- Wedding!

8.21.08         Weddings

These two are such a great couple! Tim and a had a fun day capturing these two with ALL their friends and family. In total their were 25 in the wedding party! These two are high school sweethearts and got married just one day short of their 7 year anniversary of dating. They were married at the church they met at and by their youth pastor. Clearly, Bailey had been dreaming of this day for a while, so it’s not surprising that she thought of every little detail. Brandt’s mom, who is a baker, made their many wedding cakes. Two were even funfetti inside! They did a lot of work to transform a lackluster room into a magical wedding reception, which I think is neat because it created a one time place for a once in a lifetime event. I wish these two nothing but the best. They are coming home soon from their honeymoon that was a surprise for Bailey. I didn’t even find out what the plans were, however, I’m confident that Brandt pulled through with someplace great for the new wife he adores.




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