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Leslie & Josh | Union Station Wedding Indianapolis

18th October

They both bleed Butler Blue.  While in college, their paths crossed often.  But something happened one summer, an unexpected phone call led to a first date at Rick’s Cafe Boatyard.  They went back to campus in the fall as a couple, much to the surprise of all of their friends.  It didn’t take long, though, for everyone to see they were perfectly matched.

Those Butler friends, who knew them before they were “Leslie & Josh”, we right by their sides as they began their married life together.  The ladies had a blast getting glam at the Omni Severin before heading to  St. Luke Catholic Church.  After a full mass, we headed “home”, to Butler’s campus. After getting tons a waves, cheers and greetings from students on campus that were enjoying the gorgeous day, we stopped by the gorgeous IMA for more …

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