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12.2.15         Personal

King family picture 2

Megelaine Images started as a dream from a girl who loved photography and always loved being her own boss.  Dreams became reality and I have been so honored to not “work” but do what I love and get compensated for it because it provides great value.  I love being a photographer and a small business owner.  However, I really love being a mom.

This past year has been full of plenty of trials for our family; a difficult pregnancy, having Claire, and then saying goodbye to her much too soon at 2 1/2 months old.  Our family has been healing and working hard on being healthy.  After time thinking, praying, and letting a bit of the dust settle from grieving, we’ve decided it’s best for our family for me to shut down Megelaine Images.  This is bittersweet, those who have worked with me know how I am in my “sweet spot” when working with clients and shooting on a wedding day.  However the “sweet spot” I want to focus on right now is my small kids Jonathan and Charlotte.  Photography might bubble back up for me, but for now I am confident this is the right decision.

The fact that so many people have supported me as I’ve grown as a photographer, business owner and person has been humbling.  My inspiration has mainly come from all the wonderful people I’ve gotten to work with. YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL.  My job has just been to draw out and capture the beauty that is already there, in you and in your relationships.

This note with a quote I recently received from a bride and groom really sums it all up well:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you  said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou

My hope is my couples have felt loved and beautiful, because they are. As much as I love the photography, its being able to love all the people I’ve met along the way that has made this business of mine so incredible.

All my thanks,


– Thanks to my pal Shelly Valentine for the family photo –

Audrey & Kevin | Conrad Wedding Reception Indianapolis Part 2

9.28.15         Weddings

What. A. Party.

Beautiful, but not overdone.  A NBA Bulls Style introduction. Sweet speeches for sweet people, yet sprinkled with good laughs (about how Audrey’s dad delayed for hours a call back when he knew it was “the call” from Kevin).  The delicious food of the Conrad. Jim Cerone making the party happen on the dance floor until their exit.  The room was exploding with love.  The dance floor full of smiles and great moves.  A carriage getaway to their fairy tale day.  (Did Taylor Swift write a song about this kind of thing?)

Audrey, you and your family are so special to us, it’s been an honor to spend 2 very special days with your family. (this day and your sister Emily’s wedding)

Kevin, you will surely be an amazing husband and father, you are a special man.

May your love grow deeper over the decades and God bless your journey growing together!


Audrey & Kevin | Conrad & St. Roch Wedding Part 1

9.26.15         Weddings

Wow, I so loved everything about this wedding.  Kevin and Audrey  are such genuine people and had been looking forward to this days for years.  They endured the test of long distance relationship through college and had the opportunity to live in the same city while they were engaged.  Audrey and her mom (with probably some help from her sisters) planned an incredible day to celebrate her and Kevin’s love.  These two are just so sweet, the whole day just made my heart melt.

The Conrad set up a huge room for the ladies to get hair and makeup done in, which was an awesome change from a crowded hotel room or suite.  Kevin and Audrey opted for a private first look and were fortunate enough to have use of the condo on the top floor.  Kevin had a smile on his face non stop from when he got to see his bride.  For good reason, she was stunning and they were having an amazing day.

Their Catholic mass was probably the most meaningful mass I have been to, so intentional and personal.  Although their day was so beautiful and elegant, it captured their personality well that they rode the Hippo bus back to the Conrad.  It’s nice to be lighthearted.  We made a super quick stop at Garfield Gardens (worth a trip if you haven’t been before) since the mass was a bit lengthy (which can happen when the priest is practically family).  Plenty of fun in the Hippo bus as we made our way back downtown!

That dress.  Totally Audrey, totally gorgeous.

I just wanted to include a family picture, since I’ve worked with this sweet family twice!


Ashley & Joey | Omni Severin Wedding Reception Part 2

9.24.15         Weddings

The Omni Severin is just a one of a kind place.  It has old school, historic glamour.  People tend to ask me where my favorite place to photograph is.  Not an easy question in a place with as many offerings as Indianapolis, but the Omni is on the list.  Moving from cocktails on the upper level, down the stairs to dinner and then opening up the ballroom for dancing sure makes for a great movement of a party. (and can provide totally different feels to the parts of the reception)  It was great to see an old client Evan serving as DJ for the night (I say old client yet he’s still younger than Tim and I, but knew us pre-kids)  So many close friends and family friends were part of this group for Ashley & Joey.  A unique thing about high school sweethearts that go to the same college, is that so many people know each other so well by the time a wedding comes around and everyone is ready to CELEBRATE.  They brought the energy and had fun all night long.  When I say they, I really mean everyone, it was an all-in celebrating crowd (even the oldest guests that were couch dancing).

Ashley & Joey, what a loyal group of friends you two have and incredibly supportive families.  A blessing as you start this new chapter of your lives.



Ashley & Joey | Robert’s Park Wedding Indianapolis Part 1

9.22.15         Weddings

Ashley and her girls had a total setup for hair and makeup in the Omni Severin Presidential Suite.  Hairspray, bubbly drinks, plush robes, makeup, country music and sparkly things made for a perfect ladies room!  Everyone had a great time jumping on the bed to give Ashely some loving before she got into her dress.  Props to Ashley for making it down a spiral staircase for the reveal to her bridesmaids.  When her dad saw her for the first time in her dress, it kept the tears wet.  Joey’s group of guys were plenty of fun to take out to Georgia street to take a few ‘pre-game” pictures.  (Joey and Ashley both love soccer and UK)  Although it was hot, hot, hot to be dressed up in June, the girls were troopers for some outdoor photos as well. Robert’s Park was gorgeous and timeless.  This couple who had already spent so much of their lives together as a couple were so ready to make it official! (high school sweethearts are so fun to work with)  The party really amped up as we left Robert’s Park for a photo stop before the reception kicked off at the Omni Severin.

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