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Kimberly & Joe | Mass Ave and Canal Engagement Session

Kimberly and Joe are still in initial engagement bliss- with Joe pulling off his awesome proposal just weeks ago.  These two are planning a fall wedding downtown, so we got an engagement session in right away so they could get out those save the dates.  We spent time around Mass Ave, before heading down to the canal on one of the nicest days yet we’ve had this year.  I even wore shorts.

These two are a great match and are excited to start planning the next stages of life together.  Best wishes as you plan your amazing wedding and look for a place to call home together.


Karie & Andy | Crossfit & Fort Wayne Engagement Session

I always encourage couples when planning their engagement session to pick a place that is “them”;  such as a place they like to go, a hobby they do together, etc.  Well, Karie and Andy really enjoy doing CrossFit together.  This was my first time in a CrossFit gym and it was fun to see how fit these two are and how much they enjoy their time at the gym.  Doing an engagement session at the gym was definitely a creative challenge, but I think with their willingness to be good sports we got some neat shots that are really “them”.

Later we traveled to downtown Fort Wayne, for a stop by their favorite Martini spot and a walk in the park with their totally spoiled dog Sully.  Although we wished it was a bit more spring like outside, it was great …

Stephanie & Teddy | Downtown Engagement Session

High School Sweethearts.  Stephanie and Teddy have already shared so much life together; being students at Carmel High School, transitioning into a long distance relationship during college, and now settling into their “adult jobs” and setting up their home here in Indy.  Our shoot downtown included a stop at the roof of Exact Target, where Teddy works and popped the question.  Despite being such a serious couple for so long, Teddy was actually able to pull off a surprise proposal to Stephanie.  In just our short time during the shoot, it was so easy to tell how comfortable these two are with each other and how they are looking forward to taking the titles of man and wife this next summer!


Allie & T | Fall Engagement Session

Allie & T are a sweet compliment to each other.  I love so much the part of my job where a get little glimpses (and capture) that special “it’s just me and you” moments.

Avid Colts fans and proud parents to their dog Bourbon (who just may be spoiled), these two are counting down the months to their big celebration next May!

Thanks so much for being troopers guys! (it might not look it but it was super chilly the night of the shoot)


Jen & James | Butler and Indianapolis Museum of Art Fall Engagement

Fun and flirty.  These two are so much fun to be around.  I love just hearing them giggle and seeing their mischievous smiles to each other.  We had an amazing fall day for this shoot, the kind you just want to bottle up anytime you need a reminder of autumn’s awesomeness.  Thanks Butler for a great place for some football shots and the IMA for your gorgeousness.






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